Apple Luscious Organic Orchard, a certified organic apple orchard on Salt Spring Island, BC, is seeking a keen, energetic apprentice starting in 2020. Using a permaculture style, this amazing orchard grows over 200 of the best-tasting apple varieties in the world, plus the largest collection of red flesh apples in Canada. Chickens (Club Med For Chickens) roam the entire orchard, making it a very vibrant organic experience. A perfect opportunity for someone to learn all about apples.

Because of logistics, we can only take males or couples as apprentices.
Details: Apprentices get FREE Room and Board in exchange for 24 hours of work per week.

Harry Burton, owner of the orchard, also organizes the annual Salt Spring Apple Festival (2020 will be the 21st) Theme:
Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Salt Spring Women’s Institute Sunday, Oct 4, 2020. (website: This is an excellent opportunity to participate in a very popular agritourism event featuring about 18 farms and about 1500 happy participants.

In addition, this opportunity will allow the apprentice to connect with the Salt Spring Folk Club ( to enjoy some fine music. There will be many opportunities to get connected with the fabulous community of Salt Spring Island. All meals here will be ORGANIC. Orchard location is very close to Ruckle Provincial Park, two beautiful coves on the ocean, the Indian Reserve and a 700-year-old Douglas Fir tree known as the GRANDMOTHER TREE.

Topics include:
• Grafting new apple trees.
• Growing new apple trees in a nursery for 1 year.
• Selling apple trees.
• Assessing new apple varieties
• Amending soils to optimize nutrient densities.
• Pruning
• Thinning apples
• Picking and sorting apples
• Selling apples at Moss Street Market in Victoria
• Making apple juice
• Growing garlic for sale.
• Growing tomatoes and peppers in a greenhouse.
• Growing much of the food eaten here.
• Picking blueberries.
• Looking after chickens and selling eggs.
• Participate in the Salt Spring Apple Festival.

Harry Burton
110 Heidi Place
Salt Spring Island BC V8K 1W5