How to Order APPLE TREES from Apple Luscious Organic Orchards


Apple Trees Available Now –  January-March 2022

Listed below are the trees available this year, and despite the dry summer, we did all the extra work required to keep everything watered and had a very successful year in our Nursery.

1) Apple Tree AVAILABILITY for Sale (starting Jan ’22 until end of March ’22)
  1. Apple Trees on Bud 118 rootstock (larger trees needing no irrigation after 5 years.) (600 trees available)
  2. Interstem Dwarf Trees (85 trees available)
  3. Seven Collonade Varieties For Sale: (35 trees available)
    Sentinel Golden
    Sentinel Scarlet
    Spire Crimson
    Spire Emerald
    Spire Scarlet
    Spire Ultra

Apple trees are only available in Canada.

Lots of information needed when choosing apple trees.
Here are some of the things to think about.

2) Description of Apple Varieties Grown at Apple Luscious

Please refer our catalogue for a more complete description of each variety.

3) Harvest Dates

Here is a  list of Harvest Dates, with just the varieties that I grow.
Some varieties have no Harvest Date, as they have not fruited here yet (young trees).

4) General Details

All Apple Trees at Apple Luscious Organic Orchard are grafted in March and planted right in the ground about April.  They are grown one full season and then dug up after January 2021 until mid April and sold to the new owners as bareroot, 1 year whips.

How can the trees get to you.

  1. Pick up at the Apple Luscious Organic Orchard on Salt Spring Island.
  2. Dropped off in Victoria, Vancouver, Duncan or Nanaimo.
  3. Shipped by Canada Post.


  1. Reserve anytime; Sooner is Better than Later.  I only grow a few of each variety.
  2. Trees will be dug out and sold from Jan until early April 2021

Note:  Trees are listed in 3 groups in the following order.

  1. Larger growing trees on Bud 118 rootstock. Varieties available listed above.
  2. Dwarf trees (Interstem Dwarf)  Bud 9 on Bud 118 Varieties available listed above.
  3. Colonnade Trees, which grow straight up, no pruning ever and can be planted 3 feet apart.  Apple on a Stick.
4) General Details

Tree size is determined by a few factors.  One is Rootstock used and the other is the Variety.

a) Most of my trees are on a vigorous rootstock (Bud 118), which produces a large tree about 16 feet tall and 16 feet spacing between trees.  Bud 118 give a DROUGHT RESISTANT tree (strong root) that does not need as much summer water (after first 5 years).

b) INTERSTEM DWARF, which is a dwarf having a vigourous rootstock (Bud 118), with a dwarfing section added, so it does not need as much summer water.  INTERSTEM TREES are dwarf trees.  I do have some INTERSTEM DWARF  trees left now.  Most are red flesh varieties.   Look for the word INTERSTEM in the Varieties Available List.

Variation Due to Variety
c) The Poppys Wonder apple tree (a Cox Cross from Victoria, BC), grows only about 8 feet across so it does not spread as much as other trees.  It is a narrower tree that normal.   A wonderful apple.
d) Collonade Apple trees (a natural mutation of a MacIntosh tree) produce a very narrow (2 feet) tree that grows straight up to about 12 feet.  No Pruning ever as it is a Spur Bearing Tree. These can be planted 3 feet apart, so make a great hedge, can be planted in pots and in locations where there is not the room for a regular tree.  The original tree was called Wijick, from the Okanagan.  Further breeding has produced a series called Sentinels (from BC) and Spires (from England.)  So Wijick, any variety with Sentinel, and any variety with Spire, will be all the Colonnades.

6) Reserving Trees
Send me:
a) your list of TREES wanted, INCLUDING HOW MANY OF EACH.
b) when you want your tree (Generally send via Canada Post near the end of March.)
b) your mailing address
c) your phone number
NOTE: Sometimes a phone call is the easiest way to discuss apple trees – my phone number: 250-653-2007 (best after dark until 9 PM)

7) Red Flesh Varieties Available

Bills Red Flesh
Burford Red Flesh
Christmas Pink
Clifford Red Flesh
Glowing Heart
Halls Pink
Hidden Rose
Kanipe Red Flesh
Motts Pink
Norman Cross
Pink Delight
Pink Pearl
Pink Pearmain
Pink Sparkle
Red Flesh
Scarlet Surprise
Websters Pink Meat

8) Cost of Apple Trees

a) Regular Apple Trees $35
b) Regular Red Flesh $45
c) Rare Red Flesh $55
d) Interstem Dwarf +$10 on above cost

9) METHOD of Getting Apple Trees

Apple Trees will be:

  1. Delivered to a house in Victoria, for you to pick up.   (All Victoria Orders), or
  2. Can be delivered to a house in Steveston, for you to pick up.  (All Vancouver Orders), or
  3. Mailed to your address in Canada via Canada Post and shipping costs are paid by the customer receiving the trees.

Contact Apple Luscious Organic Orchard:
Phone: 250-653-2007 (leave message; if unanswered – we will contact you)
110 Heidi Place,
Salt Spring Island, BC,
V8K 1W5

Our customers are happy with the quality, variety and taste of our apples. They return for more.