How to Order APPLE TREES from Apple Luscious Organic Orchards


Apple Trees Available Now –  January-April 2024

You can Reserve Anytime Now.

Listed below are the trees available this year, and despite the dry summer, we did all the extra work required to keep everything watered and had a very successful year in our Nursery.

Finally, I have got my APPLE TREE AVAILABILITY ready to publish..
Here are my Offerings as of November 30, 2023.

1) Bud 118 Rootstock will produce a Drought Resistant tree maturing to about 16 feet. (220 varieties)
2) INTERSTEM DWARF: Bud 118 with a Bud 9 INTERSTEM on top. This Produces a Dwarf Tree that is quite Drought Resistant tree, because it has a large root. (86 varieties) NOTE: It takes 2 grafts per tree to create an INTERSTEM Dwarf tree, so I add $10 to the cost for an Interstem.
3) Collonade Trees, (Apples on a Stick) on a Bud 118 rootstock, which can be planted 3 feet apart, require NO PRUNING and can grow to 12 feet tall. They can also be grown in Pots. (10 varieties)
4) Catalogue of ALL Varieties grown at Apple Luscious
5) General Details
All Apple Trees at Apple Luscious Organic Orchard are grafted in March 2023 , then kept in the warmth of the basement for a month and then planted right in the ground about May. They are grown one full season and then dug up after January 2024 until mid-April 2024 and sold to the new owners as bareroot, 1 year whips.
How can the Apple trees get to you.
a) Pick up at the Apple Luscious Organic Orchard on Salt Spring Island. (Jan to end of March 2024)
b) Dropped off in Victoria, Duncan or Nanaimo (early March 2024)
c) Shipped by Canada Post to anywhere in Canada (early March 2024)
6) To Reserve Apple Trees
Send to me via email (
a) your list of TREES wanted, INCLUDING HOW MANY OF EACH, and which Rootstock desired.
b) When you want your Tree (Generally send via Canada Post near the middle of March.)
b) your mailing address
c) your phone number.
NOTE: Sometimes a phone call to me is the easiest way to discuss apple trees – My phone number – 250- 653-2007 (best after dark until 9 PM)
7) Cost of Apple Trees
a) Regular Apple Trees: $40
b) Regular Red Flesh: $50
c) RARE Red Flesh: $60
d) INTERSTEM DWARF $10 added to above cost.

8) Contact Apple Luscious Organic Orchard

Phone: 250-653-2007 (leave message; if unanswered – we will contact you)

110 Heidi Place,
Salt Spring Island, BC
V8K 1W5

9) Our Guarantee

Our apple trees are guarantee to grow their first year, if they are cared for properly.

Our customers are very happy with the growth of their Apple Luscious trees.