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Small garter snake about one foot off the ground wrapped around some Wynoochee Early apples (about golf ball size) in May.

Some of our red flesh apple varieties on black blackground.

A small garter snake in my hand.

Apple taste testing of over 100 apple varieties at Apple Luscious during Apple Festival 2004.

My neighbours kitten up over our incredible Apple Luscious quilt made by other neighbour Susan Paynter.

This is mom and I under the Grandmother tree, which we all love. I walk by this every morning on my way to the ocean with the dogs.

What sea weed does to a metal wheelbarrow

Willow gets very tired after a day of greeting visitors. What a perfect thing to do with old computer boxes, which everyone is told to keep.

This was a truckload of Shiro plums heading to market (taken from above)

Willow catches a wink. Organic farmers have no trouble sleeping at night.

Kelp and pomace (the solids left after juice has been extracted from apples). These will both be used as fertilizer.

This is Craig Burton (web expert) and Harry Burton (apple grower).