Our Guarantee

You are about to enter a land of magic - Mother Nature's magic. APPLE LUSCIOUS ORGANIC ORCHARD is a certified organic orchard (IOPA # 902), growing over 200 of the best-tasting apple varieties in the world in a way Mother Nature would approve. For fertilizers, we use only manure, seaweed, oyster shell, fish waste and mulch hay. We use no sprays and or man-made chemicals of any sort. We do not irrigate. Water is preserved by using a living mulch and by collecting rain water. Our apples are tree ripened and dew sweetened. As a result, our apples are tasty and nutritious, and the orchard footprint on this land is very light. Chickens constantly roam the orchard as part of the permaculture cycle.

Our agricultural methods foster a healthy and diverse population of insects, bird species and vegetation, which results in a balanced and stable ecosystem. Spiders, snakes and birds live in the orchard as proof that it is providing them with a healthy environment. We are simply borrowing this land from grandchildren everywhere, and owe it to them to keep it healthy.

Our grandparents had access to hundreds of different apple varieties, but modern ways have limited consumers to less than a dozen apple varieties. Taste does not seem to be of utmost importance. But at Apple Luscious, we grow over 200 incredibly tasty apple varieties. If a variety does not meet our taste standards, it is removed from the orchard. Eating apples must be a sensuous, culinary experience. That is why we grow at least 30 varieties of red-fleshed apples —k rare, pleasing to the eye and to the taste buds.

We invite you to close your eyes and fully enjoy the tasting experience.

When you taste Apple Luscious apples, if you don't say, "WOW, THAT IS INCREDIBLE," at least once before you leave this orchard, then we have not been successful.


Harry Burton & Christine Marin

110 Heidi Place, Salt Spring Island, BC, V8K-1W5         250-653-2007 harryburton@shaw.ca               appleluscious.com
Organizer: The Salt Spring Island Apple Festival      www.saltspringapplefestival.org