1. To grow the best tasting and healthiest fruit possible.

2. To grow fruit trees in a certified organic orchard.

3. To create a healthy environment in the orchard, in order to minimize the impact on wildlife.

4. To maximize diversity in the orchard.

5. To grow fruit trees in a wild orchard using a living mulch, showing the value of permacultural methods

6. To grow every red-flesh apple variety possible.

7. To demonstrate how fruit trees grow in this climate with ZERO spraying of any sort.

8. To use only natural fertilizers & old-fashioned methods.

9. To minimize irrigation, eventually to use NO water on fruit trees once they get to be five years old.

10. To create a sustainable working environment for the farmers running this orchard.

11. To demonstrate how this size of farm could supply enough income for a family to survive.

12. To get people excited about eating apples again.

13. To get people, especially children eating organic foods.

14. To get residents to buy locally grown food.

15. To educate the public about organic apple growing methods.

16. To highlight the fascinating apple history of Salt Spring.

17. To minimize energy usage on our farm.

18. To minimize the use of mechanized equipment.

19. To conserve water and store rainwater.